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“Is 'fake news' creeping into your belief system?"   Forbes

“Why do our brains believe lies?"   Washington Post

“Kanye West, Twitter, and how to disengage from hate on social media."   USA Today

“5 tips to spot misinformation and prevent its spread.”
   Washington Post

“Getting wise to fake news.”   The New York Times

“Older people spread more fake news, a deadly habit in the COVID-19 pandemic.”   LA Times

“New research explains why Boomers share so much fake news.”   Rolling Stone

“Conspiracy theories: Why some people are susceptible and how to protect yourself.”   Washington Post

What is the Internet doing to Boomers' brains?  Huffington Post

“Older users share more misinformation. Your guess why might be wrong.”  MIT Tech Review

“The enduring allure of conspiracies.”  Knowable Magazine

“How to keep conspiracy theories from ruining your Thanksgiving.”   PBS

“When false claims are repeated, we start to believe them.”   Research Digest [37.8k upvotes on Reddit]
“How disinformation hacks your brain.”   Scientific American

“What makes people believe in conspiracy theories?”   Al Jazeera
“Why we feel the need to knock on wood.”   Discover Magazine
“Trump’s Tweets and the creation of illusory truth.”   The Atlantic
“How liars create the illusion of truth.”   BBC
“The science behind why fake news is so hard to wipe out.”   Vox

“Losing relatives to fake news.”   
You're Wrong About podcast
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